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Popular Treatments


Our facials are individualised to your primary concerns whether it is a skin concern or for sheer relaxation.

Body Shaping

Fast track your Health & Fitness Goals with Beauty Thru Nature professional Body Shaping treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation

Drug free treatment of dull, thickened, congested, blemished, ageing and acne scarred skin, open pores and active acne.


The Ultrapeel can be used with or without crystals to treat dull, thickened, congested, blemished, ageing &acne scarred skins without the use of drugs.

IPL & Laser Treatments

The Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) System works by flashing light into the deeper layers, heating the hair follicle and causing a clean way to remove it.

Skin Resurfacing

Resurfacing Treatments that You can Absolutely Rely On. Specialized CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Treatments to produce a youthful appearance.

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We use ”Clinical Skincare Naturaceuticals’ products which is internationally recognized as a leader in Skincare made from natural sources and has been for over 25 years. 

Because all our products are formulated as a response to each specific need and skin problem.

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4 simple steps

Step 1

A free consultation

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Specialised Facials for Every Age

Step 2

Custom treatment plan

After Step 1, you’ll be given a custom treatment plan to get you on the path to glowing, beautiful skin.

Step 3

Begin professional treatment

Simply, follow your plan and relax with each treatment.

Laser Facial
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Step 4

Result & Maintenance

After your treatments, all that’s left is maintaining your radiant glow with our iconic products.

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