Laser Hormonal Pigmentation Treatment


Hormonal Pigmentation Treatment or Melasma with Q-Switched Nd:YAG

Lasers have revolutionized the treatment of many dermatological conditions. One of them is pigmentary disorders. Although many pigmentary disorders have shown good results with laser treatments, the efficacy and safety of lasers for the treatment of melasma is still controversial.

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Melasma is an acquired pigmentary condition characterized by brownish hyper-pigmented macules usually found on both sides of the face.

The Clinical LUCASPLUS Toning is a gold standard for melasma treatment today due to its ability to selectively destroy excess melanin cells, with minimal thermal diffusion using a stable and constant lower fluence leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

In the same way that the Melanosomes absorb the Q-Switched energy and are destroyed, Tattoo ink treated with the Clinical LUCASPLUS also show exceptional results on most colours and inks.

Recommended for:

Laser toning
Non-ablative skin rejuvenation
Inflammatory acne
Nevus of ota
Soft peel
Skin whitening
Pore reduction

* Can be used on all colours except green.

Additional information

Treatment Size

1/2 Business Card Size, Full Face

How it works?

Clinical LUCASPLUS System builds upon the proven performance using a true top hat mode, perfect beam quality and an intuitive user interface. This system configuration optimizes the constant energy delivered to the target chromophores, with optimal results for Tattoo Removal, Pigmentation and Rejuvenation treatments.

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